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Schwarzkopf Extra Care - Dry Spray Range..

7 November 2013
I was lucky enough to be sent the 3 Schwarzkopf Extra Care spray in products (dry shampoo, dry conditioner and dry oil) to trial by Beauty Heaven. I quite liked all of them initially and I guess I still do but with time comes new opinions and I do love to tell folks just what I think.

Left to Right: Dry Shampoo, Dry Oil & Dry Conditioner.
I'm going to start with my least favourite, the dry conditioner. I don't dislike this product, it works well and I think there are a lot of people this would be well suited to but I just.. I just can't.

You'll have to forgive my shitty photos, lighting genius I am not.
The trio of cans are colour coded which makes picking up the right one a no brainer once you have got it tattoo'd in your memory, the conditioner is blue and silver.

The formula is actually pretty decent, being contained in an aerosol can makes application really easy and you aren't likely to get excess blobs of product where you don't want it.

I find this is pretty much useless unless your ends are looking dry and ratty, a quick spray and run through with a brush adds a little shine and brings them back to life. Really, it does do that and it's nice. Problem is when my ends are looking like this I tend to think it's time for a wash and I'd much prefer to jump in the shower and treat my ends to a deep condition rather than cover it up with this stuff, reason being, it stinks.

Every time I use this all I can smell is tangy baby.
Tangy baby is a combination of talcum powder and citrus. I don't want to smell like a baby nor do I want to smell tangy and I certainly don't want to smell like a tangy baby.
The smell lingers, it just won't go away. My hair feels soft, looks healthy and has a healthy shine but all I can smell is wafts of tangy baby and I can not stand it. I always end up washing my hair shortly after using it, making this a useless product for me.

Who would this suit? Lazy people like me, who love to get an extra day out of their wash but always end up with dry ends who can also stand the tangy baby scent. If this sounds like you then go for it, you're likely going to love this.

Next up is the dry shampoo, this one comes in a green (teal.. kinda) and silver can. It's a pretty decent one to be honest, I'd say it's on par with Batiste. I have pretty dark hair, bordering on black and I don't get an ugly white cast when using this which will make or break a product for me.

As for volume, it gives a little but for me it was only what my hair would achieve if it were freshly washed so nothing majorly exciting there.

There is one sole reason why I would reach for my Batiste over this one..

Tangy Baby.

Who would this suit? Batiste and tangy baby lovers.

The dry oil is the winner for me, this one comes in a gold and silver can and works much like the dry conditioner except it's lighter. It's good to use on wet or dry hair and will refresh your 3 day old, dry, messy ends and I reckon it does it better than the dry conditioner. It'll also smooth your flyaway's and give you a nice shine without weighing down your hair. Occasionally I freak out that I've applied too much but it actually absorbs in to the hair after a few minutes and all is well with the world once more.

This smells like.. Sexy Men.
Perhaps don't use it around your boyfriend/fiance/husband/girlfriend/wife/significant other.. It may raise some questions.

I actually don't mind smelling like a sexy guy, when I get a waft of it I end up with happy thoughts and that's lovely.

Who would this suit? Men, women who like the smell of men, women who don't mind smelling like men.

Overall these are all actually nice products and they are so reasonably priced at $9.99 for 200ml. The dry shampoo isn't going to last you as long as the others but that doesn't really come as a surprise. I think the make or break point for all these products is going to be the scent, how we smell is a personal preference and these do follow you around like, *ahem* a bad smell. badum tish.

Have you tried any of the Schwarzkopf Spray in Dry range? Thoughts?

Products provided by for trialing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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