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October 2013 Collective Haul.

1 November 2013
There has not been much buying recently but in the last few days of October I picked up just a few things, it's not very exciting in the way of hauls but I'm actually quite proud of that. You see I usually shop with my mum and she is the kind of person to enable me by saying 'have whatever you like' and in reality I do want to buy everything because I'm a freak like many beauty bloggers, we mostly can't help ourselves when it comes to wanting everything (don't take offence, you know it's true) but we also know that life demands money outside of beauty products and since mum and I work together to produce our income I do know that big shopping trips can hurt us for the week ahead so I try to restrain myself as best I possibly can.

November also brings with it my birthday and that means gifts, mostly gifts that mum lets me choose and pays for, so while at the shops this week I kept this in mind. Now lets look at the things!!

First up, the most boring. Listrine Total Care Mouth Wash, it's purple and I like it! If you like mouth wash and purple things you will probably like it too.

Finally made that trip to Daiso that I've been dreaming about for over a month, there were a lot of things on my list but Daiso didn't have any of them in stock. Not pleased.
I've purchased lashes at Daiso in the past and they really aren't too bad, especially when you can get more than one pair in a box so when I spotted these demi lashes I thought they would be worth trying. I searched for a box that had two nice pairs in it (because some looked a little.. wonky) and finally settled on these. Will see how they go.

I actually picked up 3 boxes of the JoBaz Hair Colour Remover over the space of a couple of days so if you take in to consideration the $30.00 price tag I have done my fair share of spending. Review here

While in Priceline I spotted this Trilogy pack near the entrance, I put it down and went to grab some Hydraluron which I actually put back because the price annoyed me, I remembered how cheap it was when it was on sale and I was cursing for not buying a couple of tubes when I had the chance. 
On my way to the checkout to buy the hair colour remover I decided this was a good deal. I've actually never tried rosehip oil and I know my skin is needing something special, the pack also contains a half size tube of the Vital Moisturising Cream and a half size jar of the Rosapene Night Cream and I've needed a night cream for quite a while now. I stared daggers at the jar, mentally telling it that it was an inferior method of holding a beauty product then I read the ingredients and decided the jar could be overlooked considering the potential of the product. 
Have started using them all already and I'm impressed. Will most likely review these.

Finally some things that aren't pictured... I have a thing for Japanese sweets, I picked up a few bags of lollies at Daiso and investigated an Asian Supermarket near me which blew my mind! Mum and I wandered around in there for about 20 minutes ogling all the goodies, I was specifically looking for BBQ pork buns at this store, which I found a multitude of (oh so happy!) and mum and I had a good giggle at some of the strange and wonderful items they had available, we both concluded that we would be making many more trips to this little shop to incorporate some new items in to our weekly shop.

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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