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Saturday Sample.

23 November 2013
I think I've found it.

The One

Sanctuary Spa - Spa Essentials Body Scrub.

21 November 2013
Sanctuary Spa is one of those brands that appears to me like it would be really effective, super high quality and give a lot of high end brands a run for their money. I'm not sure what makes me think this, probably a combination of the brand name and mostly elegant, yet simple packaging.

Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm Sunscreen Stick.

19 November 2013
I wasn't going to review this, I was going to throw it in the bin. Enough said? No.

Vichy - Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick.

15 November 2013
This is a bit of a weird product and I picked it up solely for that reason, I've never seen anything quite like it, usually cooling eye products are dispensed from a tube with a metal tip that provides the cooling sensation but this just looks like a short, fat little lip balm. You twist up the base, run it around your eye contours, pat it in and off you go, I'm getting ahead of myself here.


Clinique - All About Eyes.

11 November 2013
This year I decided to start using an eye cream, something that was targeted, good quality and would hopefully get me on the road of 'prevention is better than cure', Clinique is one of those go-to brands for me, along with Dermalogica and Clarins, my skin says yes.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care - Dry Spray Range..

7 November 2013
I was lucky enough to be sent the 3 Schwarzkopf Extra Care spray in products (dry shampoo, dry conditioner and dry oil) to trial by Beauty Heaven. I quite liked all of them initially and I guess I still do but with time comes new opinions and I do love to tell folks just what I think.

Left to Right: Dry Shampoo, Dry Oil & Dry Conditioner.

October 2013 Collective Haul.

1 November 2013
There has not been much buying recently but in the last few days of October I picked up just a few things, it's not very exciting in the way of hauls but I'm actually quite proud of that. You see I usually shop with my mum and she is the kind of person to enable me by saying 'have whatever you like' and in reality I do want to buy everything because I'm a freak like many beauty bloggers, we mostly can't help ourselves when it comes to wanting everything (don't take offence, you know it's true) but we also know that life demands money outside of beauty products and since mum and I work together to produce our income I do know that big shopping trips can hurt us for the week ahead so I try to restrain myself as best I possibly can.

November also brings with it my birthday and that means gifts, mostly gifts that mum lets me choose and pays for, so while at the shops this week I kept this in mind. Now lets look at the things!!