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Elastoplast - Therapeutic Heat Pad.

11 October 2013
Last month I reviewed the Libra Hotties Heat Patch. The concept is great but it didn't quite meet my expectations. I was going through my sample box a little while ago looking for things I could try out on my new, dry-as-all-hell, skin and discovered I had an Elastoplast Heat Pad, I instantly knew when and how I was going to put this to the test. Let the waiting begin.

So shark week arrived and with it came the all too familiar cramps. I have to admit, I was actually kind of excited, after trying out the Libra Hotties and knowing that the idea was a good one and that there was potential for something like this to actually work I was really keen to try this heat pad out.

First thing I noticed was it doesn't look like a sanitary pad! But I digress, lets discuss packaging first.

Ahhh expiration 2008? I can not possibly have had it for that long. Don't care. Will use.
The packaging you see here is similar to how they are packaged when sold in stores, except they come in a box rather than a flat pack style envelope, they are sold with 2 in a pack. Small (size I used) retails for $6.99 and large for $8.99. The small size, 15x10cm, was fine for me, the large are 22x10cm and I'll be giving these a go in the future. Elastoplast also sell a heat plaster but it uses capsicum as the ingredient that produces heat, I'll likely try these out in the future to.

While having a little read of the directions on the back I notice the expiry date is 2008.. What the?? I know I haven't held on to this sample for that long (I probably have) but I don't really care. It's not going on my face or in my body so I'll give it a go.

The patch is held in this plastic cover, they tear open easily and reveal a completely normal looking heat pad. I liked this, the last thing I need is one more thing to remind that I've been red carded. After using the Elastoplast brand I know why Libra have those stupid extra adhesive bits but seriously, come up with a different design. Please.

 The heating pads are actually separated in to two pieces, I wondered if this would be detrimental to it's heating ability but no.. It certainly isn't. I peeled off the plastic sheet on the back and stuck it to my skin.

I started to feel heat from it before I even had time to change out of my pj's and put clothes on, I opted for a pair of Black Milk leggings that day, they are super comfy and I knew the high waist band would prevent this patch from moving if it lost it's adhesiveness. The patches are quite sticky so I wasn't really concerned about it falling off.

The heat it produced was pretty amazing actually, I would have preferred a bit more but it was definitely enough to help ease the cramping, I was really surprised at how well it worked. I managed to go out, do a few loads of washing and happily be around people without discomfort. No pain killers necessary.

Elastoplast claim up to 8 hours of heat from these, I definitely didn't get that, I'd say more like 3 hours but mine was expired so I wasn't at all surprised by that, by the time I noticed it wasn't producing heat any more I had already decided that I was going to buy these again so I will be doing an update on this post next month in regards to the longevity.

Removal was a breeze... It had produced so much heat that my skin had literally sweat the patch off, there was no pulling or peeling (AKA DIY wax), it just lifted off my skin and that was it. This was actually a little shocking, I knew it was hot because it was working, my cramps had subsided shortly after applying it but when I realised that it had made me sweat so much that the adhesive no longer worked I just stood there, touching the sweaty patch while whispering "Oh my God". This was the moment where I understood why the Libra Hotties were that weird pad shape, the extra wing bits were to hold it on in case you sweat like I did. Although I think it's unnecessary because the Libra patch I used did not produce as much heat as this Elastoplast one.

So would I use them again? Yes, without a doubt. I'm keen to try the larger size and also the heat plaster. I'm glad I learnt on first use that high waisted pants are a smashing idea to prevent it going AWOL.

If you have tried the Hotties and weren't impressed I'd recommend grabbing a pack of these. Chemist Warehouse is the best option, they stock both sizes and they are about $1 cheaper, Priceline only stocks the large size as far as I know.

Do you know of any other brands that do adhesive heat patches? Please let me know in the comments, this is one of my new favourite things!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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3 comments on "Elastoplast - Therapeutic Heat Pad."
  1. There are asian Tiger Balm ones that work wonders, they are seriously magical but I'm not sure where to get them sorry :( We just always have an endless supply at home haha.

    I loved the Libra Hotties personally, pretty much saved my life on this one horrible day haha

  2. I agree with Sandy. Tiger Balm is awesome. You might be able to find them at an Asian store but it'll require some hunting around.

  3. I have just googled tiger balm heat pads and I think I might die of excitement. I love tiger balm, it's amazing and I'd use it religiously if it wasn't so messy and didn't destroy my clothes! I'll be hunting these down for sure!

    Sandy I'm glad the hotties patches worked for you, I knew people would find them just perfect, there were a few things I complained about but most of it was stuff that wouldn't actually stop me from buying them again, the only thing that wasn't up to par was the heat, I just needed more but I'm glad I tried it out because it inspired me to try similar products and I can see them becoming a staple in my routine. Thank you for the tiger balm patch tip!