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2013 Project Pan Update #3

31 October 2013
So I've worked out how to resist the urge to buy things! The trick is not to go anywhere near shops. I will have no haul for the month of October because I have not bought a single thing I actually finished!!! I finished the freakin' spending ban!!! Ahh mahh gawd! I picked up some essentials and a few treats as a reward for being a good girl so there will be a little haul post for October. Go me!

JoBaz - Hair Colour Remover Max Stength.

28 October 2013
Now for something a little different. I'm going to be writing this post up in real time, I want to post it tonight and show you the results right after the process has been completed. Are you excited? You're potentially about to see someone totally stuff up their hair. Now you're excited aren't you? Yup, me too!

Saturday Sample.

26 October 2013
It's the freakin' weekend and time for another Saturday Sample!!

I actually wanted to post this last week but I was lazy. I was also drinking and watching the Caulfield Cup but mostly I was just lazy.

Halloween How? Face/Body Paint.

25 October 2013
Using face or body paint this Halloween? Let's break down your options.

Halloween How? Blood.

24 October 2013
I know we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia, which I think is a crying shame.
Although, if you are of drinking age then you have probably become aware over the years that it is a fantastic excuse to throw a party where everyone can get dressed up in fantastic costumes that hide the shame that comes with getting pissy.

Saturday Sample.

12 October 2013
This is a bit of a rant post. I've read it over and over and tried to edit it and I just keep coming back to the same rant so I have come to the conclusion that I have to get it off my chest. You can consider this a bit of a dear diary post if you like, you might get a bit of insight in to how nutty I am at the moment.
I ran out of Hydraluron last week. If my life was currently normal it wouldn't be an issue, I'd just go buy more, but my life isn't normal right now and money is super tight, yes, so tight that I can't even afford a product that has become a staple in my routine. FML.

Elastoplast - Therapeutic Heat Pad.

11 October 2013
Last month I reviewed the Libra Hotties Heat Patch. The concept is great but it didn't quite meet my expectations. I was going through my sample box a little while ago looking for things I could try out on my new, dry-as-all-hell, skin and discovered I had an Elastoplast Heat Pad, I instantly knew when and how I was going to put this to the test. Let the waiting begin.

Saturday Sample.

5 October 2013
Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion, we've all heard about it, most have tried it and then there is me who's slow. When Nivea offered samples (I think on FB?) I jumped at the chance to receive one.

Upcycling - Jeans To Shorts.

4 October 2013
I love me some denim. I tend to develop a deep love for my jeans because it's so damn hard for me to find pairs that fit right. I, unfortunately, tend to wear them to death and even when they are torn and ratty I will try to resuscitate life back in to them because there is nothing in the world like denim that you have broken in. Nothing. Like. It.