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Skin Problems, Learning To Adapt And A Confession.

24 September 2013
Thought I'd do something a little different today and just write a really long, crappy, novel version of what's going on in a small part of my life, so if you like reading crap and want to see some pictures then this post is perfect for you, unless you don't like swearing.

I recently got sick to death of a skin problem I've been trying to fix for over a year, I believe it's a mild case of comedogenic acne and I told my doctor I wanted a low dose Retin A gel to try to get rid of it.
There is only so much money you can spend on products that don't fix your problem before you decide to bring out the big guns, these bloody annoying little spots that kind of look like black heads but are un-squeezable and occasionally turn in to revolting spots that quickly clear but revert back to their original, bastard un-pop-able demon spawn, state. Seriously if they weren't on my person I would try to set them on fire. I hate them that much.

Anyway my doctor has a look at my face, the whole time wearing a look of 'what is this bitch on about' on her own face, but I'm a woman on a mission, I will more than happily tell her to give me the prescription or I'll take my business elsewhere. After a few moments of twisting my face from side to side she sits down and says "Yes, I see the problem".

I'm given a 3 month prescription for Minocycline and a one off prescription for Epiduo. I question her about the Minocycline, I don't think I need this, she stares at me with 'that face' and says "You need it. 3 months minimum, you should see results after about 2".

Well fuck. This is a bit shit. 3 months of antibiotics isn't something I look forward to taking, they can mess around with birth control pills and make your body go in to a shit storm of unhappiness, but then again I'm sick of this skin issue and it's got to go.

Challenge accepted.

After 3 days of taking the pills my skin had well and truly chucked the shits at me, my usual normal/oily combo skin had developed a dryness that would put the Sahara to shame. I found myself applying a hard core moisturiser 4 times a day (something aimed at people with severe eczema and similar skin issues) and 30+ sunscreen every 4 hours (minocycline makes you sensitive to the sun) and still I could see dry, flaky patches developing and don't even get me started on when I would wake up in the morning, everything hurt and I was scared my face was going to fall off.

I did a little research, slathered my face in cream and went as quickly as I could to Chadstone Shopping Center, my destination was Lush. I was never a huge fan of Lush, the damn smell every time I was within a kilometer of a store would knock me for six. Don't get me wrong, I know they have some amazing products and I have purchased from there before, it's a great place for girly gifts but I was an order online kind of girl because I could not stand in one of those stores but desperate times call for desperate measures. I stood in the store and tried to breathe as little as possible, I'd just like to add here that I get migraines a lot and smell is something that can bring them on so I have to be careful when I'm around places like this, I'm not saying Lush stinks, I'm just wary when I'm in a place that smells heavily of essential oils. I was surprised at how many people were in the store, it's tiny and those women were busy! I wanted to just get what I wanted and go but life wasn't going to allow that. This is called a blessing in disguise.

I finally got hold of a sales assistant, I told her I wanted Ultrabland.. 'Why you have no large tubs????' I ask.. Sold out, small it is. She grabbed my hand and started to massage the tiniest speck in to my skin, she explained that a small tub would last me a long time, don't use too much, be smart, do as you are told. This information would prove to be invaluable. (Please note: She didn't tell me to be smart or do as I was told, she was extremely helpful and kind, this is just the no nonsense mindset I left with after the information she gave me).

I then told her I wanted Angels on Bare Skin but since I couldn't see it in store I assumed it was sold out, she told me it was on display out the front because it was so popular. Again she gave me a little demo, helping me to see the product in action. I love this, it's a small thing but it's important, I went home with an idea of what to do, what it would be like, no nasty surprises to my expectations because the sales assistant had been trained to educate buyers. You're doing it right Lush. I'll be back to try out some new products, again, thanks to your SA who popped a catalog in my bag which I read front to back and got a little inspiration. I'll even brave the smell for an on the spot demo.

After Lush I ducked over to Priceline, as I'm crossing the walkway I spot Daiso. What the actual shit? Since when is there a gigantic Daiso in Chadstone? I inform mum that we will be going there. I could have died a happy lady in that shop. Being midday on Sunday and the start of school holidays it was an absolute nightmare due to all the people but I vowed, as I hurried out of the store after making a quick purchase, that I would be back in about 2 weeks, early one morning, to most likely spend money on things that only cost $2.80. Bliss.

We decide it is time to leave the insanity of Chadstone but lunch is in order so we head to the food court, on the way I spot this:

This product is my downfall and is where my confession comes in to play. I broke my Project Pan spending ban and purchased this item. I didn't need it, I could have lived without it, I have several tools that curl hair and there was no reason for me to buy this other than the fact that I wanted it. Also mum telling me I deserved something nice for working so much lately and I could use it for work, etc, etc, helped tip me over the edge.

Later that day, after working, I get home, jump in the shower and plan on using Angels on Bare Skin, everything is dandy until I try to open my tub, I break a nail and create new swear words trying to pry it open, finally I get the lid off, use my new product and get out of the shower. I try to get the damn lid back on, it's not happening, I figure I got bung packaging.

The next night I give Ultrabland a go. For some reason I twist the top and I realise, like a complete and utter moron, that the tubs have twist top packaging. Seriously. How was I that stupid in the shower the night before? After washing my face I find my tub of AoBS and screw the lid on properly. Like an idiot.

The lids screw on. Derp. Makes accessing mega awesome products easy. 
Another product I have incorporated in to my routine is Puretopia's Cream Cleanser, since my skin is having a spaz attack and needs all the moisture on the face of the planet I figured I better get over my love for surfactants and give my skin what it needs, Puretopia is a brand I trust and want to try more of so it was a no brainer. I've already noticed an improvement in my skin with my 3 new cleansers, the dryness issue is resolving, my oily T-zone is coming back which I welcome with open arms.

Pretty good shit.
It's funny how a drastic change in your skin can cause such havoc, I knew next to nothing about dealing with dry skin, sure I had an idea of what kind of products to look for and an idea of brands to look at but I've never had to deal with dryness on this scale before and I certainly didn't have an arsenal of products to suit my new skin requirements. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may not be able to dig in to my unopened skincare stash for a while which means my project pan may linger for quite a while longer than I thought it would, which by the way, annoys me BUT I am going to stick with it.

The skincare items I picked up at Lush and Priceline were absolutely necessary, I'm not going to torment my skin further by using my usual cleansers, they will have to wait for the day that my skin can handle them again. My Daiso purchase, nail polish remover, was also necessary.

Supposed to smell like mint. Doesn't.
The friggin' Miracurl.. That was certainly a splurge but I gotta say, I'm happy to have it. Mum was right, it's been all work and no play lately, it could have waited definitely but sometimes a treat just needs to be a treat.

One last thing I'd like to add, anyone who read my getting to know me tag and learned about my dog who was quite unwell might be happy to know that he is well on the road to recovery, no surgery needed! He is fat though, the vet says he has to lose weight. What can I say.. Labs like to eat.

Tell me, what is the biggest, shittiest skin issue you have had to deal with? And do you guys want to see a review of the Miracurl or are you all out of shits to give about these new curling systems?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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