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Nexcare - Acne Care Patch.

17 September 2013
We all get spots, for some, it's so much worse than others but the bottom line is no one likes them and everyone wants them to go away as quickly as they pop up. Today I want to give my opinion on a new (to me at least) way of dealing with them.

So basically this pack holds 36, small and large, round pieces of hydrocolloid dressing. Hydrocolloid dressing has the ability to absorb fluids from the skin, it was originally used to help open wounds heal, when placed over an area of damaged skin it will not only absorb excess fluids but also develop a protective barrier, keeping out dirt or other impurities. I'm actually going to discuss hydrocolloid dressing a bit more in another post coming up in a few days so I won't go too much in to it now but something you should know is that it has quite a few handy dandy uses!

Contents of the pack: Plastic tweezers for application, instruction and info leaflet and little devil absorbing patches.
The idea behind these patches is to place them on a spot that is either ready to pop or has just been popped, either by your own effort or naturally. Placing these over a pimple that isn't ready to pop won't do much of anything except keep any crap off it and absorb excess oil from the skin around it, but if it's ready to go it will gently absorb all the gunk from under the surface of the skin and you will be left with a flat spot in the morning or a significantly reduced spot if it was quite large and inflamed to begin with.

Personally I like to put these on at night, they need time to do their job, it's definitely not instant. If I'm at home for the day I will also use them, while they aren't overly obvious they can still be seen so wearing them out and about can take a little bravery. Wearing makeup over these is an option, I personally haven't tried it myself and I can imagine makeup catching around the edges and I really don't want that on my face, they also have a little bulk to them so it is going to be visible regardless.

How to use them:
  • Wash your face well, ensure that all makeup, sunscreen and skin care products are completely removed.
  • Peel a Nexcare patch that will suit the size of your spot off the protective sheet and center over your spot. Do this on completely clean and dry skin, no products should be applied before this step.
  • Apply your usual face products, being careful not to accidentally remove the patch.
  • Tuck yourself in to bed or go about your day.
  • Remove the next morning or when the patch has developed a white area in the colloid.
  • Marvel at the magic.
Used patch on the right, the white area is crap that has been absorbed from my skin. Anyone else having a gag moment?
If you have a spot that you have popped yourself and it is a little weepy (keeps exuding fluid or even blood, yuck, I know) you can clean the area with an astringent and place a patch over the top, it will absorb the gunk coming out and keep the area clean, preventing it from getting worse.

Now these do have their downside, personally I think they aren't sticky enough and I always have a little fear that they will fall off, I'm careful not to be too heavy handed around my face when wearing them, if the area is clean and dry they do stay put though.

I also find that occasionally they don't absorb the oil but bring it to the surface instead, this is no fault of the patch though, and I only find this happens when the spot is really being evil and needs a little more help to be exorcised (I apply another patch or if I'm feeling impatient I pop it myself and put a patch over it).

These aren't super easy to access in Australia, you can easily find them on ebay or sasa but if you want to see them in the flesh before you buy them or want to run to the shops right now and buy a pack and are willing to pay an excess you can find them at Chadstone Shopping Center.

Treasure hunt shopping directions for Chaddy are:
  • Go to Kmart (lower level)
  • While standing out the front of Kmart, turn your back to the escalators and walk down the shopping strip, you will very quickly come across a stand alone stall in the center of the strip, this stall will be selling an awesome selection of Korean and Japanese skincare, in the center display cabinet you will find the patches (unless they have moved them or sold out, then you should cry, throw a tantrum and demand that they restock them.. Don't actually do this, the SA's are lovely and deserve to be treated well, just ask kindly if they could possibly restock them).
  • Ask the lady to pull a pack out for you and exchange $15 for your new toy.
And just a little extra info for those who already love these, those who will soon fall in love with them and those who like to know their shit, there are 12 different boxes of these patches that I'm aware of, unfortunately I don't have all of these myself so I can't give you pictures of the packaging due to copyright laws that I don't want to risk get tangled up in so I will do my best to describe them.
  • Peach (Package pictured in this post, can also be in a leaf green box) - 36 patches, 2 sizes (0.8cm [24] & 1.2cm [12]).
  • Purple (can also be in a hot pink box) - 40 patches, 1 size (0.8cm).
  • Blue - Aimed at men but if you have skin you can use them. 15 patches, 1 size (1.5cm).
  • Pink - Cutesy shapes. 28 patches, 2 sizes (heart 1.2cm [14] & star 1cm [14]).
  • Pale Yellow/Orange - Aimed at use for the forehead. 6 patches, 3 sizes (8cm [2], 1.2cm [2] & 0.8cm [2]).
  • Light Purple - Aimed at use for the cheek area. 4 patches, 1 size (5.5cm).
  • Green - The female version of the Blue, I think these are also supposed to be 'extra strength' and also good for using on oily areas in general. 15 patches, 1 size (1.5cm).
  • Light Blue - Variety pack. 8 patches, 5 sizes (8cm [1], 5.5cm [1], 1.5cm [2], heart 1.2cm [2] & star 1cm [2].
  • Light Green - Girl and guy on the pack, variety box. 31 patches, 3 sizes (1.5cm [3], 1.2cm [8] & 0.8cm [20]
  • Yellow - Ultra thin. 48 patches, 2 sizes (0.8cm [42] & 1.2cm [6]).
  • Pale Yellow (with guy and girl) - 18 Patches, 2 sizes (0.8cm [12] & 1.2cm [6]).
If you consider buying these off ebay just make sure you read the description and have a good look at the photos to make sure what you are buying is what you think it is, unless you can read Chinese, then go for your life 'cos you will no doubt know what you are looking at.

Have you tried any of the Nexcare Acne Patch range? What are your thoughts??

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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  1. These sound amazing!!!
    Im going to investigate next time Im in Kmart at chaddy! Great post xx

  2. These sound very interesting! If they really work I'm game.