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Libra - Hotties Heat Patch.

11 September 2013
Period pain, if you've ever had it, sever or mild, you know how uncomfortable and even debilitating it can be. I have had many days spent in bed with a hot water bottle and even more on my feet, at work, doped up on codeine based painkillers and still struggling to stand upright. My preferred treatment for mild cramps is heat, when it's severe I take pain killers but if I'm able, I will still carry around a hot water bottle, it seems to do something that pain killers can't, maybe it's just a soothing thing that I have associated with feeling better but it's always the first thing I go for when the Satan spawn cramps creep up.

I received one of Libras Hotties heat patches as a sample that they were offering a while back on their website. Anyway, I have been waiting for the dreaded pain that comes with a little message from mother nature that you're not expecting a baby (in most cases anyway). Usually I would Saturday Sample my sample but since these are a one use product that doesn't require prolonged use to see results I figured one patch will be quite enough to gauge how well these work for me and form an opinion.

Basically it 'is like having a hot water bottle on-the-go' Libra claims and the adhesive patch certainly is on-the-go friendly! They are sold in packs of 2 and retail for $4.99, each patch it kept safe in an individual foil package which easily tears open, I'm confident that they would be bag friendly. Once you take the patch out it starts to heat and is supposed to reach a maximum heat of 50 degrees which should help to relieve the discomfort caused by cramping.

After peeling away the backing of the patch and the adhesive flaps I was faced with something that, to me, looked like a menstrual pad, it was a little wider but about the right shape and length, I had a moment of confusion and stared back and forth at the sticky thing hanging from my finger and the package I had pulled it out of, I kind of felt like Libra was taking the piss, surely they could have come up with a better design or print some flowers on it or something! It's not exactly pleasant having your period and using feminine hygiene products makes it just that little bit worse but sticking something that looks like a pad to my lower stomach just made me want to punch someone.

In hindsight this is hilarious but I certainly wasn't laughing when I first saw it.
After the small shock of it's appearance I had another thought 'what if i wanted to wear a dress or skirt and it fell off..' but my fears were alleviated when I stuck it to my skin and realised that it wasn't going anywhere any time soon, the adhesive is industrial strength.
I felt the patch start to heat after about 30 seconds of it being on my skin but it was so minimal that I wondered if I was imagining it, after about an hour I had a warm sensation but I wouldn't equate it to a hot water bottle and most of the time I didn't even notice any heat coming from it which is unfortunate because despite it's appearance and super glue like adhesive, I would absolutely buy these and use them when I had no choice but to be out and about when my body was trying to sabotage my life. I think they do reach the 50 degrees that Libra claim but I don't think this is enough heat to really help the discomfort, I use boiling water to fill my hot water bottles and after a couple of hours I refill it so I'm use to some intense heat, obviously Libra can't sell a product that you stick to your body that produces heat like that so I knew not to expect what I would usually require but I expected it to be a little hotter than what I was feeling.

As for longevity I can't say if it lasted up to 8 hours, I put mine on late in the evening and then realised I'm not supposed to sleep with it on. I did wear it for about 4 hours and it was still at it's maximum temp when I took it off so I would believe the claim of 5-8 hours of heat.

Removal was a little.. difficult, I suppose. You know those fine little hairs that you can't see or feel on your body but are still there? Well the industrial strength adhesive decided it was taking them with it when I tried to peel it off. I wasn't really bothered by this, I'd prefer this to the patch falling off in public and if I do choose to use them again in the future I'll grab a little Bio Oil to help ease it off

I can see these being useful in winter or for those who only need a little heat to ease the discomfort of cramps but for me they missed the mark. Fantastic concept but personally I think they need a little tweaking.

Have you tried the Libra Hotties Patches, if so what did you think? What is your go-to cramp cure???

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6 comments on "Libra - Hotties Heat Patch."
  1. I used this the other night (I must have missed reading that you shouldn't wear them to sleep!) and it stayed warm all night and the next morning-definitely helped me sleep better. I agree that they could be a bit warmer and prettier looking but I still think its a fantastic product.

    1. When I took mine off I was thinking they would be fine to sleep with considering the heat I was getting off it, I really can't see it doing any damage but I guess everyone is different and may find these quite warm so Libra probably have to cover their back sides when it comes to safety. Thanks for letting me know you had no issues with it in bed.

      Glad they worked well for you, I really do like the whole concept I just wish they would up the heat :P

  2. Hmm I had an embarassing moment using them , the pad fell off and I was like shocked luckily there was no one in the room what if it had fallen in public someone would have thought that my menstrual pad just fell off. yuck not enough heat for me to even comfort me and also its just a bob of pad stuck on your body that has the potential to fall off and embarass you no never buying them ill stick to my hot water bottle or heat wheat bags thank you.

    1. hahaha oh dear god this would be my worst nightmare if I was wearing these out and about! Lucky you were saved from the embarrassment! I'll also be sticking to hot water bottles for now but I also hope this product paves the way for more innovative products for women. Thanks for telling me your story, I found the patch to be extremely sticky but it's good to know that they aren't as sticky for everyone and this is something to keep in mind for anyone using them.

  3. I also got a sample to try but havent used it yet but I have to agree, the design is not the best. It really does look like a pad! Haha!

    1. Yup, the design is just plain bad if you ask me hahaha. I found it worked well in staying on and being an ok size and such but I just felt like someone over at Libra was having a good laugh while I was using it.