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Fuli Eyelash Clip.

3 September 2013
I apply fake lashes a lot, both to myself and clients. I don't find it really difficult applying on other people but applying them on myself is another story.
The story goes like this.. I decide to try out a new set of lashes I purchased, application goes great, they look awesome and I vow to wear them more often. Next time I try to apply them I either glue my eyes closed or get it on my lid so much that I glue them open. I vow to never wear them again and a few weeks later I repeat the cycle.

I was browsing eBay for things that I didn't really need and spotted this:

I had actually seen them being used in YouTube videos and I felt it was fate that I had stumbled upon the listing. $3 and free postage? Yes Sir, I'll take 2 please. I'm quite glad that I had seen these used before because when I received my package this is what I was faced with:

Thank you for the pictures! Isn't it nice that sight is universal.
You get 2 pieces in a pack, the lash stand and the clip applicator.

The lash base sits in a little groove on the stand, you then open the clip by pinching the ends together and clasp the lash near the base, you can see I have a lash in my clip too.

Then we do the applying!
First you'll need some glue, I like duo, it's good stuff.
Camera prefers my top to the glue.. Can't blame it really, I'm pretty keen on that top too.
Next we apply some glue to the lash base. I gotta say the clip makes this step easier, there is no grasping at lash fibers, you have a nice comfortable hold on the clip which has the lash securely held between it's soft and squishy rubber tips.

Next we actually apply the false lash to our lash bed. If anyone is reading this and thinking thinking about getting one of these because you suck at applying lashes to yourself let me give you a few tips:

  • Make sure you put a little extra glue on the very ends of the lash bed strip, these little extra drops will make sure to don't get lifting at the edges which is usually where lashes lose their shit after being worn for a while.
  • Make sure the glue is semi dried before putting them on your lash line. If it's not and you flinch or don't have a super steady hand you will get glue everywhere you don't want it. To know if it's semi dry it will start to look transparent. This step is really important, liquid latex is a bitch to work with if you aren't best mates with it so you have to familiarise yourself with it first, tacky glue is best, wet glue is your worst nightmare.
  • Don't close your eye and apply! What you need to do is position yourself so you are looking down in to a mirror, you want to be able to see where you want the lash to go but also have as much of your mobile lid visible as possible.
  • Press the lash in to place and  pinch the ends of the clip to open the clasp and release the lash. If the lash needs to be pressed on to the skin at any area just use your finger to gently press the lash tips, this will put pressure on the strip and help it adhere to your lash bed.

Steady.. Steeeeaaaadyyyyyy.
Yay! Oh.. Oh God my brows look horrible!
Lash on, Lash off. And no glue issues in sight.
So I'm pretty happy with this little tool, I've tried some others that look like a big T, basically they are over sized tweezers with a funny tip but I find them amazingly annoying because they are thin and hard to keep steady in your hand, I'm not a fan of them. With this clip you are able to get a good hold on it without it being huge and obnoxious, small enough to slip in your makeup bag in case of emergencies and lets face it, when you wear lashes emergencies are very possible.

Would I recommend it or buy it again? Damn right I would. If you struggle with application this is going to help a little at first and a lot once you are use to it. The only issue I found is that the curve of the applicator isn't exactly the same as the curve of my eyelash bed but I expected that when I purchased them because my eyes are quite small, I combat this by gently adjusting the curve on the false lash when it's in the clip by pushing or pulling the band where necessary, if I don't get this spot on it's not an issue, once the majority of the lash is adhered I just press in the ends which is what I would do when applying freehand anyway.

For anyone interested in possibly grabbing one of these for them self I've linked a listing for the same item from the eBay seller I purchased off here. I'm not affiliated with this seller in anyway, the only reason I thought to link it was because I had a good experience buying off this seller.

Have you ever used an eyelash applicator or do you have freehand application down pat?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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