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Soap & Glory - Supereyes.

8 August 2013
Last month I took a look at these Soap & Glory products. One was pretty crap and the other was kind of ok. I have another S&G product in my arsenal which I'm going to review today.

S&G Supereyes.. I'm a bit crazy for eye creams. Once upon a time I would just use my face moisturiser but my skin has decided to show it's age so I placate it with an expensive eye cream and a plethora of backup products, hence the decision to buy this product when I didn't actually need it.

When I decided to give this a burl I was having a good read of the box and I noticed that on every side of the box it had something different to say, the top tab says 'Instant action' and 'Wide awake lifting', the front of the box says 'Fine-line fighting tripeptides', the right side of the box says 'Soothing.. Depuffing..' and 'Moisturising..' I felt like I was looking at a box that contained Melbourne weather, it couldn't make it's mind up or get it's shit together.

The formula is a cloudy gel and the mica in it is instantly apparent, this and my new hatred of products in jars was already turning me off.

Smoothed over skin.
Product when set.

The Soap & Glory website says:
Uses Swiftlift™ technology for immediate skin tightening + heightening. Also includes fine-line fighting tripeptides, depuffing caffeine, pro-vitamin panthenol, & soothing aloe vera juice.
Right, so it's supposed to lift and tighten the eye area, sooth, reduce puffiness and fight lines. Does it? Well I can't actually tell you about it's long term effects. I used it 3 times.

First time was in the morning after washing my face, I put aside my Clinique All About Eyes cream and smoothed this around my eyes, I felt some tingling and a slight cooling feeling, I kept an eye on what was happening because I don't particularly like products that produce feelings like this around my eyes and this is when I noticed the sparkles..

For gods sake really? Why? Just WHY? You're going to put makeup on over the top and not even see it and if you don't you're going to have that mica shimmer around your eyes with the rest of your face looking normal. What the..

Second time I used it was that night. I already didn't like it, micro glitter, a jar, slightly tacky feeling around my eyes after the product has absorbed and the tingling and cooling feeling. It hadn't ticked a single box. This time I was greeted with a hot feeling around my eyes, it increased to the point that it felt like borderline burning. I was done.

Third and final time was to take a before and after photo for you. After all we do have to see if this actually stands up to the claim that it instantly lifts and tightens don't we.. Let's take a look.
Before. Just woke up, no makeup.
After. Shortly after waking up, no makeup, Supereyes applied.
So as you can see this product did jack (there is a slight difference in the photos but it's lighting related), the burning and tingling was all for nothing. I tried to get a picture of the micro glitter for you but it just won't show up on camera which makes me wonder if it would be all that obvious to people who aren't looking for it. I can't even say my eyes felt hydrated after applying this, just sticky and slightly dried out.

  • I usually say cute packaging for S&G but to be honest this one fails even at looking good.

  • It's crap.

S&G won't be getting another cent out of me, I've read good things about their body and foot scrubs but I don't dare try them because I've faced nothing but fail with these products so far. Can't recommend it and can't even give it to someone who I think it might suit due to the burning it produces, how can that be good for anyone?

Do you have a Holy Grail Soap & Glory product? Is there something I'm really missing out on that would change my opinion of the brand?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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