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August 2013 Collective Haul.

30 August 2013
This month wasn't supposed to be much for shopping, project pan has me limited but these limitations have actually led me to finally get another purchases out of the way which I know wouldn't have happened if I wasn't forcing myself not to buy non essential beauty items. Read after the jump to see my small haul of August.

This isn't really a haul item but I think it's important to talk about because it's reflective of what my project pan spending ban has allowed me to do. Also I'd like to give props where props are due ;)

So the first thing I did in August was get a hair cut. It had been about 2 years since my last cut, I wasn't actively trying to grow my hair, it was the fact that I'd been unemployed, then travelling, then on a study income and I couldn't afford to go to a hairdresser that I knew would give me a good cut. We've all had shit hair cuts, I'd had 3 in a row before my current one and I was just sick of it. I was paying $60 at a local salon which was the cheapest in my area and I never once left with a cut that actually suit me. My biggest annoyance though, is hairdressers that don't listen. If I say I want no more than an inch off then that's what I want to see come off. I don't give two shits if they think my hair is so damaged that 2 inches should come off. It's my damn hair and I'm paying for the service so shut up and give me what I ask for.

This time I booked in at John Morrey at Chadstone (a place I use to frequent years ago and loved) and my stylist was Bec, she was lovely, very friendly and she listened. I told her I wanted about 2 inches off and showed her what I was looking at having removed, she agreed that it would be a good amount to take off. She asked if I wanted some layers around my face (I did) and she gave me the hair cut I asked for. I still had the length I was hoping to leave with (some of it still damaged but I wasn't ready to go shorter) and that made me a happy little customer. She told me she would like to see me again before Christmas, I agreed that I'd come in for a cut before my birthday and It's a promise I intend to keep. When I find a hairdresser who can respect and deliver my requests without doing 'what they think is best' then I will go back for a trim because I can feel assured that it won't turn in to a full blown hair cut. I'm kicking myself that I didn't go sooner and it wasn't that much more expensive than what I was paying at my previous local place. If you're considering a cut don't be afraid to give these guys a call.. Ask for Bec, she listens.

While I was at Chadstone that day I popped in to Kmart to pick up some more Velcro rollers, I only had two at home and I've been enjoying the volume they give to my hair, I picked up 4 packs, 2 medium & 2 large, they each have 2 pieces in a pack and only set me back $8 for the lot. Happy, happy!

If you're wondering about quality, they are damn decent for a buck a piece. Super thick hair may need bobby pins or pin curl clips to hold them in place but they hold on their own in my fine hair.
I was leaving Kmart when I walked past one of those stalls in the middle of the walkway, it had a bunch of Korean and Japanese skin care items so I had a little browse and saw these..

Nexcare Acne Patches.
I have been eyeing these off online for weeks but I'm not a smart shopper so I spend my cash on something I already have 10 of instead of buying something new that I want to try.
I literally did not give a crap about my project pan when I saw these. I asked the sales assistant how much they were ($15) and handed over the cash. My skin is being a super duper jerk face, my usual spot cream isn't waving it's magic wand like it use to and I'm having to deal with scarring because I can't keep my damn hands off my problem areas. I grew up with great skin, a spot here and there but no where near what some others have to suffer with, I was so blessed. What I wasn't blessed with was learning how to deal with bad skin at a young age, popping a spot was no big deal back then because I would only get one and usually it went away before anything drastic had to be done. This isn't the case any more. I have this god damn congestion on my chin which I just can't work out how to clear, every now and then it looks like it's coming good and then these horrible huge pimples come up. I friggin' hate it.

Oh and if you don't know what they are (here I am writing an essay and assuming you know what these do).. Basically they are little round patches of hydrocolloid dressing. They absorb the gunk right out of your spots (the ones that are ready to pop). I'm gonna review these really soon anyway.. Just waiting on the next Mount Vesuvius to make it's way to a face near me.

It was after making this purchase that I left Chadstone because I was starting to get excited about the shops.

Another item I've been meaning to buy but always gets pushed down the list was a photography tent. I did my research and settled on this one..

This set me back $114 at Officeworks, I could have picked up a bigger on on ebay with an extra light for about $30 less but I wanted it straight away. I wasn't feeling patient. I needed to buy something!

Anyway I'm pretty happy with it, it's a little small but honestly if it was bigger I wouldn't have a permanent place to set it up and the whole idea is having it ready and waiting so I can take photos when the need or want hits me.

My final purchases for August (that I can show you - nothing suss I promise) were some small plastic sample pots from Spotlight, I needed some for a freelancing job I was doing, I usually buy them in bulk online and thought I had some left but when I checked I was out.. I'd used my last 2 to depot some product earlier in the week. Thank you Lord for Spotlight but not for their prices!

Needed Witch Hazel badly (read skin issues earlier in post). Tried to live without it, everything else is crap, necessity purchase.

And now for 2 products that I could have lived without but am going to justify.

My teeth are looking.. not great, I've been drinking too much damn coffee. Not sure if these are awesome, ok or crap. The jury is still out.

This is Chemist Warehouse's hydrocolloid dressing, same deal as the Nexcare patches except it's one big piece which is easily cut up in to smaller pieces. If you guess there will be a review and comparison post then you win the internet.

Oh... And I got another Rainbow Lorikeet :P 

Items not pictured.. Swisspers cotton balls (too big for light tent) and some ebay buys (because they haven't arrived yet).

So as you can see my August haul is weird and kinda boring but I got some things out of the way so I'm quite pleased about that :)

Did you buy anything special this month?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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