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August 2013 Collective Haul.

30 August 2013
This month wasn't supposed to be much for shopping, project pan has me limited but these limitations have actually led me to finally get another purchases out of the way which I know wouldn't have happened if I wasn't forcing myself not to buy non essential beauty items. Read after the jump to see my small haul of August.

2013 Project Pan Update #1.

I have been struggling. Struggling with wanting products but realising that I can't afford them and have way too much as it is.

Spending bans aren't my thing, but working towards a goal with set rules is right down my alley. After reading 3 of Mary's (from Made in Marcelle) Project Pan posts I decided this was what I needed to do.

This or That Tag.

25 August 2013
I first spotted this tag on Kerri's lovely blog Beauty and Things and I enjoyed reading it so much that I decided to do it myself, I changed it up a bit to suit Aussie readers ;) So read on if you'd like to know a little more about me.

Saturday Sample.

24 August 2013
So I'm back with another Saturday Sample, I've been trying to finish off almost empty stuff recently so samples have been put to the wayside but I've been meaning to try today's sample for a long time so without further ado.. (Warning.. If you don't like feet you might prefer to avoid this, no pictures but still might be a bit much for you)

Lust Have It July 2013 - Prize!

19 August 2013
This box was sent to me courtesy of Lust Have It and Nalini over at who hosted a competition giving away 10 boxes, one of which I was lucky enough to receive! Big thank you to Lust Have it and Nalini for reawakening a monster that I had managed to suppress for a long time haha!

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System.

16 August 2013
Beauty bloggers around the globe raved about the Clarisonic and now they are raving about the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System. With 1 sold every 3 minutes in the US they are a very popular addition to the market.

If you're looking for the update it is at the end of this post.

Since Clarisonic's hit the market I've wanted one and I'm the type of person who would splurge on one, I don't have a problem in the world when it comes to spending money on products that work even if it meant going without something else but as life would have it, other things got in the way of me having one.. Bills, car problems, study equipment, family needing help, etc, etc, there was always something that stopped me from finally getting my hands on one. You can imagine how frustrating this was when this pattern continued (and is still continuing) to this day. Then Olay released this cleansing system in Australia and Priceline had a 40% off sale, I also had a Priceline rewards voucher and the kit cost me only $11.25. It was meant to be don't you think? I do and I'm extremely happy that it played out this way.

So I'm going to offer my 2 cents worth on this product. It's not a glowing review but it's not really bad either, it's reflective of my experience using this product over the last 2 weeks. This is a long post, if you are interested in reading it I suggest grabbing a cuppa first.

Repairing Glazed Pressed Powders.

14 August 2013
For anyone who has hit pan on a pressed powder product like eye shadow, blush or face powder you have likely also encountered this:

Soap & Glory - Supereyes.

8 August 2013
Last month I took a look at these Soap & Glory products. One was pretty crap and the other was kind of ok. I have another S&G product in my arsenal which I'm going to review today.

S&G Supereyes.. I'm a bit crazy for eye creams. Once upon a time I would just use my face moisturiser but my skin has decided to show it's age so I placate it with an expensive eye cream and a plethora of backup products, hence the decision to buy this product when I didn't actually need it.

Indeed Laboratories - Hydraluron.

5 August 2013
It's not often that I will give the Holy Grail title to a product, in fact I'm a firm believer that there is always something better out there and that probably applies with this product, but right now, with my skin looking the way it does, you'd be damn hard pressed to get me to try something new in this products place.

Saturday Sample.

3 August 2013
Right lets take a little lookie loo at a primer that has been out for ages, is quite well known and also popular. Then I'll poke some holes in it!

Empty! July 2013.

1 August 2013
Ahhh the sweet satisfaction of finishing a product. And occasionally the horrible feeling of tossing a product that just doesn't do it for you.