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Soap & Glory Wonderfill.

17 July 2013
S &G Wonderfill - A temporary line filler, I bought it because I'd never tried anything like it and I thought it sounded plausible. Well people are raving about Nanoblur right?

Comes in a super cute cardboard tube with all the words that suck you in to making a purchase!

This will be a picture heavy post!

Cute tube with a fine tip dispenser.
Superblur!! AKA 'crap we made up to make this sound awesome'. 

Right, so collagen boosters is something we've heard of in skin care before and I assume this Superblur business is supposed to do the same thing Nanoblur does. As for being light activated.. Don't even get me started! Ok, do get me started: Light has the ability to blur and fade all sorts of things, so generally when you see those horrible lines and bags in the mirror they are made worse by shadows being cast. Go outside and stand in direct sunlight and they look a little better, tilt your head down to cast some shadows and bam! Its all back again. This is why professional photographers use light umbrellas from all sorts of anges. It makes everyone look amazing. So, this light activated crap is just that, crap.

Directions for use. Easy peasy.


Make up your mind.

This product is marketed as a temporary line filler but right there on the product box it says '..line fighting..' and then '..line-disguising..' To me, line fighting means it deals with a problem over the long term and works to make it better, line-disguising means it will help to temporarily hide flaws. Reading this makes me think of people telling porky pies. In the words of Judge Judy "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true". Please make up your mind S&G.
Nice texture, silky and all that but wait.. There's more.

The cream goes on quite nice, it feels really soft and silky when you pat it over your line, problem is its so damn easy to apply too much and you quickly realise that it's left a residue where it was applied which takes about 15 minutes to absorb, it kind of feels oily but it's not, it appears matte on the face but there is something there that needs to set/absorb/do-whatever-it's-doing. Also this patting business is time consuming and annoying and if I take in to consideration the results it delivers I'm a bit on the fence.

So you can see there is a slight difference on the side that I applied Wonderfill to and I have to be honest the lighting I used has also blurred my lines a little, when I look in the mirror and compare what I see to this photo they don't match. It filled my super fine lines and pores a little but I could also live without it.

Here we have Wonderfill under and over foundation. The foundation went on nicely over the side I had already applied it too but when I was patting it over the top of the foundation I was in yucksvill. You can not rub this in, it must be pressed in to the skin and when I started doing this it instantly clashed with my foundation, if you look closely you can see that it's patchy and looks really gross but I kind of feel like it did a better job of filling my lines when applied over my foundation. Bummer because I would use this stuff over my foundation for these results but I'm not prepared to wear my foundation like I applied it in the dark.

  • The fine tip squeezt tube makes dispensing a tiny amount really easy and it's fairly hygenic.
  • Smell pretty nice, kind of a fresh floral scent but it's not over powering.
  • Leaves your skin soft and silky, foundation goes over without issues and leaves a nice finish.
  • Kind of works! Deep lines are still noticeable but I would say they are slightly reduced. Fine lines and pores look reduced too, I wouldn't say completely but there is a significant difference.
  • Will last you a good long while, you only need a little and the tube is fairly large.

  • Takes a while to set/absorb.
  • Aplying too much is easily done and no where on the packaging is there a recommended usage amount.
  • Doesn't work over foundation.
  • No miracles here. Realistically you could achieve these results with a good primer. Patting instead of wiping or buffing will help fill those gaps.

Take it or leave it? To be honest I'm more likely to leave it, it's time consuming and annoying, the results just don't outweigh this fact and I don't need to add another 15 minutes to my makeup routine. Worth trying? Yes, I'm glad I did and if for some reason I was having a day where I was super selfconscious of my lines I would probably use it but it won't be in my daily routine just yet.

I'm thinking Nanoblur will have to be trialed next! What is your go to quick fix for lines??

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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