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19 July 2013
Today I'll be taking a look at Avon's Anew Aqua Youth Gel Cream.

Got a whole two uses out of this sachet! Wooo!
Ok sarcasm aside I do think 2 uses is enough to know whether a product will beak you out and if it meets the small requirements like texture, absorption rate and feel of skin after application (these things actually mean a lot to me and can make or break a product).

Product Claims: Lightweight, refreshing gel-cream helps surface skin look and feel hydrated and plumped.

So obviously I didn't use this long enough to see if it was able to produce results but I can tell you that it stinks. Take cheap generic aftershave and cheap generic body wash and mix equal parts in a bowl and have a good whiff. Want more? No, neither do I.

Also this stuff isn't a gel or a cream or what I would consider anything in between. It's a cloudy fluid, thinner than a typical moisturiser but thicker than water. It kind of reminds me of a thin body lotion. My sachet also said to apply day and night but it's clearly marketed as a night cream on their site but they have no day cream  in the range so I dunno.. Inconsistency annoys me.

As for absorption rate, well it's not too bad to be honest, it didn't leave any residue (sticky/oily/revolting) on my skin which is a big plus for me and it didn't cause any breakouts or aggravate the areas of my skin that are already trying to purge their skin demons.

My skin felt hydrated after application but no more than a cheap moisturiser from Priceline would do and I can't agree that my skin looked or felt 'plumped'. At $49.99 a tub I can't say I'd recommend it but they are offering a 3 piece gift set for a limited time for the same cost of this stuff so that's not a bad deal but you'll have to get yourself an Avon representative and that, if you ask me, is a pain in the ass.

Can't say I'm sad that I've finished my little sachet or will be trying to find an Avon rep to buy more. Instead I'll be digging through my sample box to find something new to try out!

What is your opinion of Avon products?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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