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Nail Art - Taking The Accent Nail A Little Further.

12 July 2013
I like nail art. I'm not very good at it but it's still fun to play. Lately I've been experimenting with taking nail art a little further, these are my results:

Nail: Black and white polishes.
Finger: Airbrush base and black polish.

Nail: White base with silver shatter. Silver stamping on other nails (basically invisible on camera).
Finger: Gold and silver airbrush. White feathers and diamante adhered with lash glue.

Nail: Blue and white gradient, red micro beads.
Finger: Black eyeliner, green polish, stamping kit.

Nail: Zebra foils.
Finger: Airbrush base, black cake liner.

Nail: Red base, red and black micro beads, clear polish.
Finger: Lash glue and black micro beads.

Nail: Clear base and black shatter.
Finger: Black cake liner.

Nail: Black polish, lace nail foil and matte top coat.
Finger: Chunky lace airbrushing.

Nail: Feather manicure, other nails dark blue polish.
Finger: Feather applied with liquid latex and set with translucent powder.

Wearable? Maybe not but for me yes! I found the airbrushed designs lasted well through the day as did the cake liner but micro beads have a tendency to not last long regardless. I look forward to experimenting with the accent nail (and finger) some more! Hope you all enjoyed this post :)

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