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Bullshit or Brilliant? - What's to Come..

25 July 2013
When I'm watching tv, flipping through magazines or trawling the internet to kill my boredom and I come across ads for cosmetics or beauty products I tend to do one of two things:
1. Freak out like a complete lunatic and try to work out where I can buy it and what would be the fastest method of attaining the product.
2. Make 'That Face'.

Kind of that face but with more disgust and disdain.

'That Face' is the face I make whenever the bullshit alarm rings in my head. I think 'That Face' started when someone was telling me a 'story' (bullshit) and I needed a way for them to know that they had to shut up and go away and since vocalising my disinterest was very difficult for me when I was younger it was much easier to just make 'That Face'. As I got older I found speaking my mind to be very therapeutic and in turn it became much easier for me to just say 'This is Bullshit' and walk away but sometimes being vocally direct is just a no go so 'That Face' has taken pride of place when I need to be quiet.
While 'That Face' works well on people it doesn't make advertising shut up and/or go away but it is much more socially acceptable than yelling at a television commercial that 'It's impossible for mascara to do that!!' or mumbling obscenities over a magazine ad on the train and since my bullshit alarm also triggers the switch to my angry venting mode, I quietly make 'That Face' which releases my disapproval of what I'm seeing and/or hearing and lets me continue with my day.

Now that you understand how I react to cosmetic and beauty product advertising I should also tell you that I DO buy products that I initially make 'That Face' to. Why? Because I secretly hope that they will produce miracles for me (brilliant).

With my Bullshit or Brilliant series I hope to bring these products to you with a hard core, in depth review. Things I'll be showing with these types of reviews are:
  • Before and after photos relating to the time frame that the product claims to work in.
  • My personal opinion on everything because frankly I can't keep it to myself.
  • A description of how the product is supposed to work and how it actually worked.
  • A final conclusion as to whether I think it's Bullshit or Brilliant.

My first Bullshit or Brilliant post will be coming tomorrow. Must resist urge to spill the beans now!

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