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Bullshit or Brilliant? - Rapid Lash

26 July 2013
For the past 42 days I've been applying Rapid Lash as per the instructions; once (almost) every night before bed. For 28 of those days I have also been applying it to my brows. Did it work? Soon you will see if this product was Bullshit or Brilliant.

Now unless you've been living under a rock you will at least know of Rapid Lash.

What it claims: This stuff is a paraben free serum that works to promote eyelash and brow growth, health and appearance.

 RapidLash is proven to transform each strand at the lash line from thin, brittle or short lashes into thicker, fuller and healthier-looking lashes by delivering essential proteins, vitamins and other moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients that replenish the lashes, while adding shine and elasticity.  Beyond its proven ability to enhance the appearance of lashes and brows, RapidLash is also great for improving the appearance of sparse eyebrows. - Excerpt from Rapid Lash website.

How do you use it?: Every night you need to apply a thin line to the lash line (upper and lower if you like) and also to your brows if you are hoping to get some growth in that area too. The applicator wand is pretty decent, definitely thin enough to prevent you getting the product all over your eye lid but when you want to put this stuff on your brows it's a bit of a dirrerent story. A doe foot applicator would be good for the brow area.

What's it like?: Using it is easy, apply to clean skin and you're done. No, you can't put it on over makeup because apparently it can't do what it needs to do and puting makeup over the top also hinders it's ability to preform apparently. Either way I didn't bother trying to incorporate it in to my daily routine, applying it at night was easier. The next day I would notice the product would flake off my brows so you definitely need to wash your face well before applying makeup the next day. One tube should last you 6-8 weeks, maybe a little less if you choose to use it on your lower lash line and brows as well as upper lash line.

My thoughts: Applying this stuff every night is a pain in the ass! Some things you can't forget to apply, for me moisturiser is one, bacuse my face is uncomfortable after washing without it but even with this stuff sitting with my nightly routine products I would still find myself in bed thinking 'god damn I forgot the Rapid Lash' and begrudgingly I would drag myself out of bed (I'll never forget this Rapid Lash).

I didn't have any problems applying it unless I was drunk which is another issue with this product. If your life involves late nights where you may come home with limited motor skills this stuff is not your friend. Usually when I'm in this state the last thing I want to do is worry about my face unless it involves shoveloling some KFC in my gob. I tried applying this once when I was intoxicated and never bothered again, it's friggin' dangerous and I would not recommend it. So already my every night application was marred but lets face it, if you have a busy lifestyle, kids, sick parents or anything that has you run off your feet during the day an extra step in your skin care routine that isn't essential can usually get put to the wayside.

Now this stuff takes a while to work, 3-4 is when the information leaflet claims most people see results and for me that is a long time. But I persevered because I had some ugly gaps in my lashes and my brows are sparser than they use to be. Lets take a look at what I started with.

Before using Rapid Lash, no mascara.
Before using Rapid Lash wearing Armani Eyes To Kill mascara.
So as you can see my lashes weren't too bad before starting, in the lower picture you can probaby see where I'm having 'gap' issues. My brows also aren't too bad but I was looking for a denser brow. Please excuse the spot near my eye, that's what Benefit's Boi-ing does to me when I put it anywhere on my face other than directly under my eyes.

Below you will see the results of using this $65.00AUD product on my upper lash line for 6 weeks and my brows for 4 weeks.

After using Rapid Lash, no mascara.

After using Rapid Lash wearing Armani Eyes To Kill mascara.
So my results, if any, were marginal. I can see new growth in my brows but the difference in my lashes is something I can create with mascara. Rapid Lash dissapoints. I ceratinly won't be rushing out to spend another $65.00 on this stuff and definitely won't be telling my mates to jump on the bandwagon.

Bullshit or Brilliant? For me (I've seen amazing results on other blogs), Bullshit, especially with that price tag!

Have you used Rapid Lash? Did you see better results than I did? Tell me all the things!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated.
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  1. I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round. I will surely use Rapid Lash..

    Dreamweave Mascara

  2. Wow your lashes are long! I haven't got as long lashes as you are and I was looking to buy this Rapid lash but still not sure about it since I think I will forget to apply it every night.

    PS: I have also nominated your for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my post here for the questions:

    Looking forward to see your response.