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Bioderma Hydrabio - Cleansing Moisturising Foam.

6 July 2013
More French skincare! Today Bioderma Hydrabio Cleansing Moisturising Foam.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm obsessed and it's a problem.

Bioderma Hydrabio Cleansing Moisturising Foam

This stuff is weird and I LOVE it!

I picked this up in Europe before the Bioderma craze hit Australia, I knew nothing about the brand but was in shopping mode so I grabbed it. I think it cost me about 10 Euro (approx $14AUD), not expensive at all for a face wash.

So I get home and finally finish off my current bottle of face wash and sift through my trip haul for something new to use, this one looked like fun so off I went to the bathroom while having a squiz at the usage instructions:
Usage Directions.
So I splash some water on my face (carefully 'cos I don't need to be getting my hair, clothes and half my bathroom wet.
None of this!
I give my bottle a good shake and instantly I'm thinking 'feels like a can of hair mousse', I double check what it claims to be because I can see this going pear shaped but I wasn't mistaken, it says 'cleansing foam'. Tentatively I squeeze the little trigger and out comes something that definitely resembles hair mousse.. What the.. I'm super curious at this point and give it a little rub between my fingers, definitely NOT hair mousse! It actually has the texture of a shaving foam, it doesn't loose it's foam consistency at all, even when you rub it over wet skin it holds it's luxurious texture.

Washing it off is quite a pleasure, you don't have to rub to make sure all the residue is off and it doesn't soap up when water is added to it, it just gently runs off your face along with the water you splash over your skin. I learnt I could open my eyes while using this too, while washing my face one night mum called out to me (she sounded a little stressed) and I suppose by reflex I stood up straight, opened my eyes wide, hands still pressed against my cheeks and yelled back 'What??'. I watched as the foam that had been over my lips and around my mouth flicked out on to the basin in front of me.. I looked in the mirror and I noticed the foam didn't move unless I made it move, what was sitting around my eyes and on my eyelids stayed in place, I could see a few white blobs of foam on my lashes and they just sat there, not moving, not trying to seep in to my eyeballs to cause the irritation that I have come to despise from accidentally opening my eyes while washing my face, I looked down at my can of face wash and whispered "I love you". Afterwards I'm left with really soft skin, I was surprised that it felt so clean yet not tight or dried out, I definitely still needed a moisturiser but even after using the best hydrating face washes I still need to moisturise so this isn't disappointing to me.

One other thing I'd like to add in regards to it's performance.. A week or so ago I was trying to remove my makeup with a particular micellar water by a well known French brand (not naming names just yet, I'll have a review coming up soon), I got to my eye makeup and I noticed it was having a hard time removing Benefit's They're Real Mascara, I thought that was odd since it's not actually waterproof.. Anyway I leave it be and decide to see how this face wash fares when it comes to stubborn makeup, I do my usual routine, wet face, dispense a small amount and massage on to my face, when I'm done I give a few extra rubs over my eye area, I'm gentle because I'm terrified of damaging the skin around my eyes, I gently wash it off with water, dry my face and prepare myself for the panda face staring back at me in the mirror.. No panda.. No mascara.. All gone. I was floored. I decided I had to put this to a real test so the next night I didn't try to remove any of my makeup before washing my face and I wore waterproof mascara this time: I noticed it was starting to loose some of it's foamy texture as I massaged it over my face so I used a little bit more of the product, again I carefully went over my eye area but payed a little extra attention in this area as I knew this was a tough mascara, I rinsed off my skin, looked in the mirror and again I'm shocked, there is nothing!! I'm excited but scared at this point, my face feels like it usually does after using this stuff but I have to be sure there is no makeup left so I grab my T.N Dickinson's Witch Hazel and wipe some over my face with a cotton ball, the cotton ball shows no signs of anything left on my skin whatsoever! Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Note: I'd just like to point out that nowhere on my can does it claim to remove makeup but while researching where I could buy this online a few descriptions mentioned that it could be used for this. I wish I had known earlier!

I love that this product claims to be a moisturising cleanser and it is. Simple as that. It doesn't claim that it will remove blackheads, fight acne, act as an anti-aging cleanser or any of that crap, because frankly when I read those things on packaging, I scoff. How can something that is on your skin for maybe a minute at the most do anything to prevent ageing? Does it have teeny tiny little men wielding shovels that will open up my pores and scoop out all the junk in there? How will it fight acne.. oh it has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid it it? That's great! But I'd kinda prefer it in a spot treatment cream so it actually has time to do something to help my skin because not once has a face wash containing benzoyl peroxide actually helped to clean out my blackheads even though this is supposed to be the best way to use it. You know who has though? A beauty therapist using steam treatment and her little scoopy tool thingy. Yes. Scoopy. Tool. Thingy.

It took me about 30 seconds to fall in love with this product and after a little trial and error I discovered that you only need to use a very small amount for a generous clean. I have been using this can for ages and it feels like there is still a fair bit in there, it's impossible to tell exactly how much because it's a metal pressurised can but anyone who has used hair mousse or shaving cream will know how to gauge approximately how much product is left.

Perfect amount, a little extra if removing makeup too.

  • Amazing.
  • Luxurious foamy texture that does a good job at maintaining it's silky smoothness even when combating the makeup on your face.
  • Removes ALL makeup.
  • Washes off easily, doesn't leave a residue and skin feels great afterwards.
  • Amazing. Again.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Won't seep in to your eyes.
  • Not overly drying and doesn't leave skin feeling tight.
  • Ah.May.Zing.

  • I can't see how much is left in my can.
  • I can't buy it in Australia.
  • I don't know if a pressurised can is able to be shipped overseas D:
  • It's a little pricey compared to if I was buying it again in France.

I'm in love.

I'd like to touch on the subject of the availability of this product in Australia: As far as I know, it's not, so buying online is the only option but I'm not sure if pressurised cans can be sent in the mail? Has anyone had a can of hair mousse or shaving cream shipped to them from overseas? I know I've received them from inside Australia but would appreciate if anyone could comment on this. The best place I know of to purchase would be from Cocooncenter France's Amazon shop and the price is definitely one I would pay but the postage is a little tough for me to handle, I confirmed that they do indeed ship to Australia direct from France but quoted 31.90 for postage although they did not stipulate whether this was in Euros or AUD. I think I would be making a bulk order of products using their maximum weight limit before the postage cost increased if I were to go ahead with an order. Dear Lord.. Can you imagine all the French skincare!?!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links are provided for online shopping examples only. If you desire to shop for the product online I strongly recommend researching first or using an online company that your are comfortable with.
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5 comments on "Bioderma Hydrabio - Cleansing Moisturising Foam."
  1. Wow! This seems like an amazing product! I love that it looks like a can of whipped cream, especially with the nozzle! I also have a hard time removing my They're Real Mascara and was told to try the Bioderma Micellair but I would much more prefer to use this as it's a cleanser and much more worth it in my eyes. Hopefully it's able to be shipped to Australia or somewhere like Strawberrynet or Adore Beauty starts selling it as I'd love to get my hands on one!

    1. I really could not recommend this highly enough, I've not seen or used anything quite like it before, there are other foaming cleansers available in Australia but they certainly don't compare. I would be hard pressed paying more than $30AUD for this product but if I could buy a few with combined shipping I would consider it, the only thing preventing me from going ahead with the purchase is simply a high postage fee from a company that I know is reputable. I'm going to research buying this online some more and I pray that it eventually comes to Australia along with more of Bioderma's range because I really just love it! God I could rave about it for hours haha

    2. Oh and Bioderma Micellar does work on They're Real mascara, if you try it out I recommend holding the product to your eye on a cotton ball for a few moments before trying to remove it because it is really stubborn. I'll be naming and shaming a popular brand that doesn't work quite as well soon ;)

  2. Ive never seen anything like it. It does look just like shaving cream...or whipped cream, were you tempted to taste it??? lol just kidding. It sounds amazing!! I can understand why you love it so much, what a shame that its not available in Aus, if i ever spot it ill be sure to let you know.
    Its wonderful when a facial cleanser actually does its job and cleans your face. I really want to try this now :)

    1. Hahaha! No, I didn't think to taste it :P I think I'm going to have to contact Bioderma and demand that they bring it here!