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Skinvitals - Hydraflex Multi-Peptide Cloth Face Mask

23 June 2013
I'm a huge fan of Skinvitals masks, they are a no mess and no fuss way to treating your skin and they are fairly cheap. The best part is they have something to suit all your needs.

The Hydraflex range comes in masks for your face, eyes, hands, neck and a super awesome 3D face mask which covers your face and neck and hooks up over your ears!

Other masks in the range include:
  • Q-Lift (firming, hydrating & anti-wrinkle)
  • H-Revive (replenishing & moisturising)
  • C-Brighten (invigorating & brightening)
  • G-Energize (pre & post party fix)
  • T-Purify (detoxifying, purifying & clarifying)
  • A-Whiten (pigmentation minimising & complexion enhancing)
  • Eye Brighten (erase tell-tale signs eye mask)
  • Eye Lift (boost firmness & elasticity eye mask)

Today I'll be reviewing the Hydraflex Multi-Peptide face mask. It claims to "smooth skin, boost hydration and increase firmness and elasticity". "With regular use.. the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are minimised and skin is brightened promoting a more radiant younger look."

Instructions state that you should thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin, remove the mask from the sachet, place over face and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Remove and discard mask after use and either blot off excess serum or gently pat in to skin.

So after washing my face I cut open the sachet and pull out the mask, now these things are soaking wet but they don't drip everywhere and I just love that. The mask is made up of a beautifully soft material and it holds the fluid so well. Another thing all that fluid does is hold the mask flush on the face so you can walk around without fear of it falling off. Winner!

Family resemblance! 

              .....So I wore the mask for about 20 minutes before peeling it off. I didn't wipe off the excess serum but instead chose to let it dry on my skin which only took a minute or two.

I'm now left with a slightly dry feeling on my skin, not quite as bad as the feeling I get after not moisturising though and it also feels like it's slowly going away as I type.
My skin feels a little softer in some places and I think if my skin wasn't in such bad condition I would feel it all over. As for firmness and elasticity.. Well I dunno.. I don't believe I see or feel any difference there but I would expect that to be a prolonged use effect.

What I like:

  • They are so easy to use.
  • Can put on just before bed and no need to wash off.
  • Will be great in summer because they are so cool on the skin.
  • Have noticed an increase in softness on the skin straight after use.

What I don't like:
  • It's currently winter and I'm freezing. A cold, wet mask didn't help.
  • Skin is slightly dryer than what I would like after use but a moisturiser will take care of that and now I'm just picking fault because I feel like I have to.
As I said earlier I'm a huge fan and that hasn't changed. I have a few more of these particular masks and others in the range that I will definitely use. I'll also be picking up some that I don't currently own to try out. Can't see myself grabbing any traditional cream masks any time soon because they are just too damn messy for my liking.. Maybe some of those gel/peel off masks. I still quite like the novelty of peeling my face off!

So have you tried these masks? Any you would recommend? Tell me your thoughts!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated.
2 comments on "Skinvitals - Hydraflex Multi-Peptide Cloth Face Mask"
  1. I was actually looking at these in Priceline today but I got the Apivita masks instead. I'm gonna try Skinvitals next time I'm at Priceline.

  2. Kerri I saw those masks the other day at priceline and thought they looked so nice! The packaging really had me excited for some reason but the thought of the mess of a mask put me off. I know I saw a peel off one so maybe I'll give that one a go.