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Shopping Lust..

27 June 2013
I don't shop often but when I do people would probably say it's to the point of excess. I will often go a few months without buying something new but then spend at least several hundred dollars when I get the 'must buy bug'.

This works for me because I like the burning feeling in the small of my back and the ache in the balls of my feet, the exhaustion of walking from store to store, the slightly manic feeling I get from chatting with so many intensely happy sales assistants, the bargain hunting, the rows of shiny bags littering the backseat of my car and then bedroom floor and finally the moment when I kick off my shoes, put on my tracksuit pants and relax with a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea and sort through my new purchases.

Generally shopping is a very painful experience for me. I wear ridiculous shoes because I'm an idiot, I don't consume enough fluids or eat properly and I tend to end up with a migraine. No Pain, No Glory!

What keeps me going between the shopping sprees is online browsing. I like to look at things that tickle my fancy. The shoes, the clothes, the beauty products, the everything. This is not a painless experience though. Three hours on the laptop, sitting with bad posture and again not hydrating myself properly leads to back and neck pain and usually a migraine.. my body was never the same after a horse riding incident.

This is an illness. There is no cure for a beauty and fashion obsession. So I don't try to fight it. I accept my flaws and try to manage them the best way possible, by feeding them.

So today I'm going to share some of my favourite online stores, the ones I will peruse for hours, the ones that help me with spending inspiration. Commence drooling.

  • ebay - I think this one goes without saying. 
  • amazon -  This one too.

Fashion and accessories
  • my-wardrobe - Amazing pieces from designers ranging from Alexander McQueen to Chanel Vintage. I love their sale section as you can search by the discount amount, how clever!
  • storenvy - Delicious Storenvy! I go here when I want clothing inspiration.
  • boohoo - Excellent site with some great deals, they cater to everyone. Their sale section is my favourite, items $10 and under? Yes Please!

Skin care and makeup
  • absolutelygorgeous - Organic skincare. Now I don't personally use a lot of organic skin care but this site really caught my eye when I read their Natural Beauty Guide, they offer some excellent advice and tips and I love how they touch on well-being issues as well. Another thing I love is their Sample section. Now don't get all crazy and run over there for a freebie, these are paid samples, but I think the option to try a product for a small fee is one that more beauty companies should embrace. A 2ml sample sachet is not exactly going to offer a prime example of a products ability to perform so having 30mls to play with can be the difference between thinking it'll be good and knowing it'll be great.
  • ry - Recreate Yourself is a fantastic site. I have personally purchased Moroccan Oil products and accessories and a Silver Bullet kit, they were shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. They cover an array of products from makeup to men! Their prices are competitive and they have great sales! Currently running an EOFYS click frenzy.. dear lord save us all!

The insane sites that just blow my mind
  • lightinthebox - Dear shopping gods I love thee! Ok, breathe. This site has everything. Wedding dresses, special occasion wear, casual wear, accessories, cosmetics, hair care, nail care, gadgets to make your man happy. Tattoo kits. They sell tattoo kits for heavens sake! What is this sorcery?
  • sephora - I know nothing needs to be said about this site. They are currently celebrating their birthday and have a great $15 and Under section!

Where do you go for shopping inspiration? Tell me about some of your fave sites!
2 comments on "Shopping Lust.."
  1. I do like ry. One of my favourite tools to use is the comparison tool. I've discovered so many great bargains along the way, including the ry site, fishpond, and different online vendors that are having sales :)

  2. I like too Hui, great resource for bargain hunting!!!