Because why not?


29 June 2013
My work got published.

My work.

In a magazine.

One that is printed.

What is this sorcery!?!?!

So my first official publication is in Like a Lion Magazine, July 2013 Issue #5 Book 2.

This was a collaboration done with Skullwindows Photography and our model for these shots was Alessandro Picotto. (Links to facebook professional pages. Check them out and give them some love!)
Big thank you to all involved (especially Mud for submitting!) I had a blast and can't wait to create more beautiful shots with you guys!

2 comments on "Published."
  1. Congratulations, Hailey! Such an achievement, you should be so proud! The photos are gorgeous, by the way. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm pretty proud of myself :P