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June Collective Haul.

30 June 2013
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So June 2013 is almost history, I swear every year time goes by faster and faster. I reckon Chronos (ancient Greek God of time) is taking the piss.

Anyway June was a shopping month for me and since this is going to be a cruisy Sunday (with some more shopping) lets get to the point and look at the goodies!

Got me some essentials! I'm hoping the nail polish remover will help to prevent my nails from drying out and doing that weird flaking/splitting thing they do.. I'm one of those people who can't help but play with their nails and if I see an imperfection I play with it until I make it worse because I'm an idiot. Dry shampoos are for a special upcoming post :P
Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant | Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover | Batiste Tropical and Original Dry Shampoo Minis.

Was in need of some SPFX supplies so picked up some crepe wool hair for a Halloween mask I'm working on. Stippling sponge has always been missing from my SPFX kit so just filling a hole there. Face paints because I need to practice and micro beads for nail art/photo shoots/whatever I feel like using them for.
Crepe Wool Hair | Stippling Sponge | Liquid Face Paints | Red and Black Micro Beads.

Forever New is my fave store to buy from at the moment, I've picked up quite a few dresses similar to this one in the past few months and I was needing phone covers for my new iPhone because the 5 just has to be a different size doesn't it Apple!?!? Also the cat wanted in on the fun by this point.
Dress and 2 Phone Cases - Forever New (and my kitties belly)

This stuff is kind of random. I don't even remember where I got the shoes from.. I found them in a plain white bag lined up with the rest of my haul bags against my wall, no box, no receipt, just new shoes that I knew I must have bought because they are a perfect fit and totally what I'm in to right now. Shoe Fairies?
The wool is to keep me busy, I like to knit in winter and house/bed socks are fun and easy to put together so this soft fluffy stuff will be perfect. The embroidery frame is for.. Embrodery (another winter hobby.. there is only so much tv you can watch at night before your brain starts to melt).
I was in desperate need for a new wallet that would hold all my cards, finally found a great Salvatore Ferragamo wallet that would hold everything. Today I noticed I split the leather where I've squeezed in too many cards. I've had it a week.
RED CUPS! Red cups are like magic. See the next photos caption for explanation.
Studded Ankle Boots | Wool | Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet | Red cups! | Embroidery Frame.

MAGIC! Fill it to the line that refers to what you are drinking and you have a standard drink!

Small ebay haul consisting of some lashes and lash applicator tweezer thingies, one for myself, one for my kit.
Lashes | Lash Applicators

Ben Nye Aqua Paints for upcoming shoot.

And finally my Kmart haul which I picked up this morning. I was in need of some black clothing for a job trial I have this week (fingers crossed for this one!). Usually I would go to target for the basics but I've found that their stuff is usually ugly, bad quality and expensive for what it is (IMO). So I decided to give Kmart a go, people have been telling me how good it is and I figured it couldn't hurt to look, I was blown away! They had some great stuff! I picked up 3 tops, 3 pairs of pants, a pair of shoes, a scarf, a bun roll, some large curlers and some nail foils to play with. Quite happy! I'm not ashamed to say that I shopped at Kmart and I'll be back!

The only thing not shown would be my Priceline haul but that got a special post of it's own.

Did you haul this month??? Tell me what you got!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated.
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