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Something Good, Something Bad and Some Giveaways To Make You Glad..

23 July 2012
So the good part is, I have internet access again so I can get back to blogging to keep me amused :)

The bad is we lost a much loved, feathered family member on Friday night.

Our beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet, Max, had been a bit off for about 24 hours and mum and I were terrified that he would die if we didn't get him to a vet so at about 11:30pm on Friday night we rushed down to the local emergency vet clinic. We were told he most likely had heavy metal poisoning from nibbling on something he shouldn't have, the vet recommended fluids and an antidote injection and then a trip to a bird specialist the following day to confirm the condition and follow up on his treatment. We agreed. She asked us to wait a few minutes while she gave him the shots and she would bring him right back so we could take him home. Well we sat in the consultation room for an hour and a half before she came back. She said he had suffered a seizure and died while she was treating another animal. He never even got the shots that he needed. I'm furious. I can't believe that she took him away and then just left him alone when he could have stayed in the room with us and at the very least not died alone. Also they still charged us the $200 for not helping our pet. I'm really disgusted by the way it was handled. He was only 11 months old.

So to my beautiful little boy who always made us cry with laughter when he would tell people to shut up, who loved to play with the cat and who had an amazing personality amongst a million other things, I will miss you, always love you and never forget you <3

Now lets get on to something to lighten the mood. there are a whole bunch of blog giveaways going on at the moment and you have to get on them!!

First up we have Chelsea's 100 follower giveaway over at superpurdy. There are a great bunch of goodies here so don't miss out on the chance to win. Also a big congrats to Chelsea on reaching 100 followers!

Next is Jasmine's 250 followers giveaway at sweetaholic-beauty. She has your lips and eyes covered with this booty! Congratulations to you too Jasmine on your 250 followers milestone!

Alice who is celebrating her 800th follower at aliceboullin is giving away a set of OPI Minnie Mouse collection nail polishesCongratulations Alice!

Our final blogger celebrating a follower milestone is beautymakeupaddict who has just reached 1000 followers and is giving away a bunch of drool worthy goodies! Huge congrats is in order! I'm unable to supply a picture but the link above will take you straight there so you can check out what is up for grabs.

And last but certainly not least.. Jessica has a summer giveaway with 3 prizes over at pasionstarbutterfly!!! You must check this one out!

Huge thank you to all the ladies for giving us the opportunity to try to win these!
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