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Glitteratti Lips

11 July 2012
Just something quick to fill a makeup hole! Glitteratti lips!

Products used:

  • I Nuovi Professional - Glitteratti Cosmetic Glitter in Blonde Fever.
  • Glo Minerals - The Cherry Balm.
  • Bourjois - Effect 3D Gloss in Rouge Democratic.
  • 2 small lip brushes for application (not pictured).

Prep the lips using Glo Minerals The Cherry Balm, really any hydrating balm will work, it's just to protect your lips from drying which will result in flaking and glitter fall and also to aide the gloss in not being such a horrible product!

Apply Bourjois gloss with a lip brush, using the brush applicator provided with the gloss will result in product overload and bleeding, this is one of those products I will never buy again purely because I had to try many different techniques to work out how it can be used realistically. I recommend a balm base and lightly building the colour with a lip brush, no lipliner necessary.

Bourjois Effect 3D Gloss in Rouge Democratic.

Apply glitter with a clean lip brush using a pressing motion rather than brushing it on. Apply to lip lines first and then fill in the rest of the lips, take your time, adding small amounts as you go, the less fall you have the less you will have to clean up and we all know how stubborn glitter removal can be.

Finished look.

Colour difference in photo was due to doing this tutorial late at night, had to use a lamp for final photo as the flash on the camera and glitter were being hateful towards each other. Lesson learned.. No more night time tutorials with glitter.

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.
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