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DIY Magnetic Freedom Palette

15 July 2012
Magnetic freedom palettes.. I want them, I need them, I want them and I want them some more but I won't pay the price for them when I know perfectly well what the most popular ones are made of.. Paper, paper that can't be washed or sanitised without potentially damaging the product that you just forked out around $30 for not to mention the shipping price. No Thanks.

I went on a search for more MUA friendly freedom palettes, something I can easily sanitize and not worry about it falling apart. Cue UNII entrance and singing angels! These retail for around $29 USD each, the more you buy, the cheaper they are. Made of durable plastic I was keen to learn more and learn more I did, apparently the new design doesn't allow for removal of parts to aid sanitization, there are nooks and crannies where powder from products can build up and be difficult to remove. Not cool. Don't want.

Next I found Make Up For Ever, they have a fantastic flat finish, no fuss, metal magnetic palette. Nice and big (considerably bigger than the MAC 15 shadow palette!). They retail for $25 AUS and can be purchased here, postage is reasonable too. I ummed and ahhed over this final find, I need about 4 of them but was only in desperate need of one at the time and when buying online I prefer to do big purchases rather than buying in dribs and drabs so I opted to wait and try something I had seen on youtube instead.

After a trip to my local craft store and $60 later I came home with a bunch of goodies.. Clear contact, patterned paper, a stanley knife, glue and magnetic sheets, I was going to make my own freedom palette for my 'not so loved but occasionally used' pan products. I had seen this done with DVD and CD cases, books, old (non freedom) palettes and metal and plastic pencil cases. I opted to use an old palette that I was going to depot anyway and I'm happy with the results, it should last a long time, I can sanitise it, it will hold up when it comes in contact with liquid and it looks ok. For my personal use I'm happy with it and will only buy pro palettes for my MUA kit in the future, when I need a personal palette for my bits and pieces I will just make one.

So here we go, how I made my freedom palette!

So for my $60 or so I got a 60ml tube of craft glue, a stanley knife with extra blades (specified that I would be going as far as cutting a DVD case and the lady picked the best option for me), a pack of 2 adhesive magnetic sheets, 2 scrap-booking kits (they were on sale so grabbed an extra for good measure, totally unnecessary) and 5 metres of clear contact. The item in the center is my Sugar Baby Suntanned Sweeties Palette that I was going to destroy and revive.

So this is what the palette looked like before I attacked it:

I popped out all the shadows, the bronzer, the cream highlighters and took out the lip glosses and brushes.

What I was left with and the beginning of my new project:

I started to carefully cut away pieces of the inner cardboard, I measured and cut where I wanted my edges to be and slowly and very carefully cut away piece by piece, peeling layers and just using common sense to work my way to the bottom layer or the palette where it was fully sealed.

After cutting away the inside of my new toy, I dusted it out and measured my magnetic sheet, I got it slightly wrong but it was easily fixed when placed in the palette and cleaned up with the stanley knife.

Next I selected the paper I wanted to use to cover my new palette and measured and cut the required shape I would need.

Excess has been removed and saved for covering what the main piece would miss.
Next I started to glue the paper to the outside, I worked slowly and in sections so I had more control, In the following pictures you will be able to see how I stuck each flat side and the spine separately, then started to stick the inner pieces.

After all my paper was stuck down I placed a heavy book on top of the closed palette and let it dry overnight. Next step was to cover with the clear contact to seal everything up. I used the same method as with the coloured paper, cutting to size and then slowly sticking section by section until the whole palette was covered.

I gathered the items I wanted to put in there and mentally calculated what would fit so I didn't go depotting mad and end up with extras.

Then I started to depot. Issues ensued. Being late in the evening I just wanted to get it finished so I rushed and make some rookie mistakes as you will see in the next photo.

Now I'm sure everyone knows the basics of depotting and maybe if I come up with a way I've never seen before I will post about it but since all the techniques I know I have learnt elsewhere then I recommend googling or youtubing the subject if you are not already familiar with the options. My pans were a little more stuck than I gave them credit for and although they were easy to remove they suffered a little damage in the process, I blame the flimsy pans and rock hard case!

When I first placed a pan in the palette I realised they wouldn't stick! Problem solved by gluing a small piece of magnet to the bottom of the pans, not ideal but it works, other options can be placing a metal plate in the bottom of your palette and magnets on your pans or buying small metal discs and sticking those to the base of your pans, this issue occurs when your metal pans aren't made of a magnetic substance. Annoying.

Worth all the effort? I think so, it's no pro freedom palette but it's good for personal use.
All Done!!!
So there you have it folks. I won't be buying any palettes for personal use in the future, I'll just make my own! Now to go pick up some pretty lace for lining around the mirror :P

Would you consider doing something like this or does it seem like a whole lot of bother?
2 comments on "DIY Magnetic Freedom Palette"
  1. Great effort! I really love how you showed photos of each step too, and it looks very pretty!

    Overall though, considering how much was involved and given that I don't have much room in my rental flat to do this sort of thing, I think I'll save myself the bother and just buy ZPalettes!

  2. Yeah it was a lot of effort, I would be hesitant to do it with an old palette again, I'm gonna try a dvd case, see if it can be done quicker.