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So The Journey Begins

24 June 2012
I have a story to tell. It is the story of my beauty dream and how it started.

I suppose it started 27 years ago when I was born, I guess everyone's story starts with their birth doesn't it, I think my story might be a little different to other beauty dream stories because unlike other MUA's/Beauticians/Guru's and people just generally obsessed with everything to do with beauty, I didn't spend my whole childhood destroying my mothers makeup collection or waste my pocket money on coloured mascaras, bright pink blush or mismatched foundation. 

My first memorable experience with a beauty related product would have to be a razor. I remember watching my dad shave and one day when I was about 4, I went in to the bathroom, lathered my face with soap using dad's shaving brush and proceeded to shave the lower half of my face. Mum quickly discovered me when I started sobbing due to the stinging from the little shaving cuts I had administered to myself with a blunt razor. She explained to me why girls don't need to shave their face and that was my first beauty lesson. Thanks Mum :)

In primary school everyone would be packed in to a bus, driven to the local public swimming pool and have swimming lessons. I had long hair that always felt yuck after these swimming sessions and mum eventually gave me a small bottle of clear liquid. The instructions said: 'Apply 2-4 drops to palms of hands and smooth over hair.' I had watched mum many times apply lotions and potions to her hair so I understood that I needed to rub it between my hands and then rub my hands through my hair. After swimming classes were over I would rinse off under a shower, towel dry my hair and apply this liquid. My hair no longer felt horrible after swimming. Thanks Mum :)

In high school I had a few items of makeup but I never wore them. I use to look at some of the girls at school and think 'Are you blind!?! Did you use a paint brush to apply your makeup this morning?'. I didn't want to look like them. The caked on foundation, flaky mascara (coloured mascara was pretty popular at the time and I won't even go in to how much I despised the way it looked), lipstick that dried the girls lips until they resembled prunes and the blush.. Oh God the blush! I was embarrassed for these girls and I had it hard enough at school so I wasn't about to give them something else to criticise so makeup didn't make a debut until I was away from those locker lined halls. I did dye my hair purple and red a few times, looking back I'm now embarrassed for myself.

When I hit 18 and started going out with my girlfriends makeup still wasn't a huge part of my life, sure I wore it and I wanted to look pretty but I was happy with a little foundation, mascara and lip gloss. My skincare routine was basic, it consisted of a cheap, basic face wash and matching moisturiser. I was lucky, I didn't break out and rarely had to deal with even a single spot, to this day I am thankful for my well behaved skin.

Through my early 20's I added a few more items to my makeup and skincare collection and really enjoyed hunting for new brands to try. Body moisturisers and scrubs, face toners, scrubs and masks, hairspray, mousse, shine serums and leave in conditioners. An assortment of mascaras that promised to curl, lengthen, volumize and make me the prettiest girl to ever walk the earth, I had lip glosses coming out the wazoo and was starting to experiment with concealers, eyeliners, eye shadows and blush.

In my mid 20's I hit a rough patch. I broke up with my long term boyfriend and I just didn't know where my life was going. I had been through an assortment of jobs, cleaner, started a hairdressing apprenticeship, checkout chick, bookkeeper and medical receptionist. I didn't want to do any of that for the rest of my life. I was unhappy, stressed and desperately searching for my footing in this world. I really didn't like my life. This is where my saving grace became evident, my friends, they were (and still are) amazing. They kept me amused when I needed it and let me be when I wanted the privacy. I was going out quite a bit and playing with makeup more and more everyday and I just loved it. I would use google images for inspiration and youtube videos to learn techniques. I couldn't get enough and I decided it wasn't enough to do it on myself everyday, I wanted to do it on every face I came across. I wanted to make girls pretty, make guys look like pretty girls and transform a whole group of friends in to sea monkey's, I wanted everyday to be Halloween and I wanted to be there with my liquid latex, prosthetics and synthetic blood to make everyone look the part. 

I wanted to be a specialist makeup artist.

My friends played a big part in all this. When I told them what I wanted to do they replied with 'You can practice on me whenever you want'. You can't get much more support than that.

A year and a half later my wish has been granted and in 26 days I will take the first step down the road of becoming qualified. Thanks Dad :)
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