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Benefit - Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++

28 June 2012
Today I'll be reviewing the Benefit - Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++

You can read my general notes on the benefit skincare range hereIt touches on things like smell, packaging and who the products might be suited to.

As with the other products in this range that I have reviewed this stuff smells so yummy! Don't fear the scent though, once applied it quickly fades and is very light compared to the face wash and scrub.
A beautiful, lightweight and oil-free formula that contains SPF 15+ (UVA and UVB filters) for sun protection and antioxidant vitamin E to protect against free radicals. This cream contains a 'tri-radiance' complex, it claims to deliver immediate hydration by 'helping to capture and maintain water on the surface of the skin. The moisture barrier is further reinforced by developing the skin's reserves of water for long-term hydration', how it does this, I do not know (because the information sheet doesn't want to share that info with us). 
I find the cream is fairly easily absorbed, it doesn't leave an oily residue so makeup application is never a struggle. As for hydration I do think this stuff would be great in summer but being in winter right now I have horrible dry patches and some spots don't feel perfectly moisturised.

I do find that a few hours in to my day that I'm battling with oily skin, this is pretty normal for me but some products do manage to keep it minimised if not completely under control so when I take in to consideration the wash/scrub, toner and moisturiser I don't think the whole range would be perfectly suited to very oily skin types, normal and dry would most benefit (see what I did there?? I know, I'm lame). You can buy trial packs of the range here. The samples are generously sized and a little goes a long way.

Last item I want to touch on is the glass bottle, stunning as it is, it sure isn't practical! I have to shake, tap, bang and swear at the bottle before I get enough product out. I wish, I wish.. It had a pump lid!

  • SPF 15+ baby!  Nuff said.
  • The darn bottle!

Do you have any tips or suggestions for getting to the bottom of my bottle?? I'd love to hear them!

Benefit products can be purchased here, they ship to Australia and you are guaranteed authentic products because you are buying directly from the source.

All products were purchased by myself, I choose to review and promote because I feel the products are of good quality and produce results. I am in no way affiliated with Benefit.

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