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Benefit - Total Moisture Facial Cream

29 June 2012
Today I'll be reviewing the Benefit - Total Moisture Facial Cream.

Total Moisture Facial Cream

You can read my general notes on the benefit skincare range hereIt touches on things like smell, packaging and who the products might be suited to.

Do you have super dry skin? Do you suffer from dry patches in winter like me? If you do you might want to consider this bad boy (girl?).

Now I use this stuff as a night cream, it doesn't specify that is it's purpose but I would find that the slightly oily residue could get in the way of flawless makeup application. The reason behind the residue is the tri-radiance complex, (talked about in this post) basically it captures and maintains water on the surface of the skin and develops the skin's water reserves but since the day cream isn't as oily there is more than meets the eye going on here. I'd love to be able to give you more info on exactly how this tri-radiance complex works but it seems like a closely guarded secret, regardless of the not knowing it definitely helps to make my skin feel hydrated and isn't that the point of a moisturiser?

Just a little extra clarification on the residue this cream leaves, it is eventually absorbed but the process is considerably longer than the 15+ emulsion. It doesn't make my oily skin any worse (no waking up with massive oil slick across my t-zone) and hasn't caused any breakouts or made my current skin congestion any worse (thanks heaps for that 24hr plane trip home!). I would definitely recommend this for use as a hydrating night cream but wouldn't recommend as a day cream unless you had very dry skin.

  • Massively hydrating.
  • Probably not suitable for day use for people with normal/oil skin.

Benefit products can be purchased here, they ship to Australia and you are guaranteed authentic products because you are buying directly from the source.

All products were purchased by myself, I choose to review and promote because I feel the products are of good quality and produce results. I am in no way affiliated with Benefit.
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