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Benefit - Refined Finish Facial Polish.

25 June 2012

Today I'll be reviewing the Benefit - Refined Finish Facial Polish.

Refined Finish Facial Polish

You can read my general notes on the benefit skincare range here. It touches on things like smell, packaging and who the products might be suited to.

When I first squeezed this product out of the bottle I was a little sad, it's a cream wash with micro-beads and I just really don't like cleansers with a cream consistency. Turns out it's actually clay and seaweed based so my fear of oily residue was unfounded.

The beads gently buff the skin, I recommend a light hand when using this stuff because occasionally I notice a scratching feeling if I start to rush the exfoliating process, so take your time and be gentle, you only have one face so you want to take care of it right?!

The cleanser base doesn't foam up so you are receiving a gentle clean while buffing away the dead skin, leaving a beautifully, soft, smooth surface without over drying or causing redness/irritation. My biggest worry was oily residue, I despise it, but I was really pleased with the clean feeling that I was left with after use.

  • You can apply this stuff, give a little polish and then let it sit on your skin for a few minutes. The seaweed will help to draw out any crud and oil (lovely right?) that has been hiding in your pores.
  • Be careful not to rush, make sure you use a light touch. Your skin is delicate and some of the beads can be a little rough on occasion.
Have you tried any Benefit products? If so what are your favourites and if not what are you keen to try?

Benefit products can be purchased here, they ship to Australia and you are guaranteed authentic products because you are buying directly from the source.

All products were purchased by myself, I choose to review and promote because I feel the products are of good quality and produce results. I am in no way affiliated with Benefit.
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